The Flagler Museum.

Note: I origionally had images up here from the museum. Apparently, the landmark is copyrighted and as a vendor there, I am respecting the fact that these are not to be published. 
Following is the origional blog spot post WITHOUT the images…..

In an attempt to get a little caught up on posts, tonight’s ramble has us at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach…..from last weekends event. When I originally started this blog, I wanted it to be a day to day slice of images from my experiences as a lighting designer of special events. I assumed at that point that it would be a very current blog of these images and experiences, with an ocasional sprinkle of other creations and captures. Well, things change and evolve. As I got a little deeper into these posts, I started posting them on flickr first (a photo sharing community site) strictly to get a larger file to show up on my blog. Well, that has changed a bit as I have found that the flickr community is really a great group of creative “virtual” friends. There is so much talent out there that has inspired me on a daily basis. All that being said, as the season starts to pick up, I really want to try to get back into posting images from some of these incredible events. So, as I trek forward into the blogosphere, my plan to to be a little lean on the captions on the flickr site and ramble a little more on the blog. At least thats the plan for now……….

jeeez….what in the world was I talking about??

Oh yeah, getting a bit caught up. Last week had us at a couple of little events at the Flagler Museum here in Palm Beach. These images are from the first. It was kind of a kick off party for the season and an event to create awareness for a New Years Party the the younger set in Palm Beach to be held at the Harriet in City Place. If history repeats itself, this party is gonna be “The One” to be at this year. More from that night to follow for sure. The image below is a little example of a little HDR work….kind of a before and after. The one on the left is pretty much right out of the camera and the one on the right was severely brutalized in a couple of programs by yours truly. This look is not really appreciated by everyone…and thats cool. Like any other artwork, the fan base is varied. Not everyone appreciates impressionism, chalk drawings, or sculpture either. For me, this technique has been my artwork of choice…..anyway…

This next one is a shot from the West Room looking into the Lake Room. Bring on the blackjack players!

As a diversion from last years event, Drew (aka….Dr. Drew Dedo) decided to let the party flow out onto the terrace outback. The West Palm Beach City Skyline is an incredible backdrop for any event here. The weather was incredible and outside was the place to be. That is of course till Drew rocked the house with his incredible wit and smoothness on the mic during the auction. Quite the entertainer I must add.

The Flagler is a really cool place to work……quite different than it was when I started this business thats for sure…..but still wonderful. If the walls could talk in this mansion, I am sure they would fondly recall memories of the Young Friends of the Red Cross Parties in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I say that from personal experiences. These events were “THE” place to be on New Years Eve and “THE” reason I decided to get into this insane industry from the get go. The environments that Bruce created in this space are legendary. There isn’t anyone on the island that hasn’t heard about them. I will never forget the opportunity he gave me……seeing a creative energy in me that, until then, I never new I had. I am forever grateful that he was willing to include me into his projects and give me a start.
Well, the rules have changed, but the memories are etched for eternity…….and sometimes thats all you need 🙂
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