The hidden color on the Pacific Coast Sunset and a Quick Tip Tuesday

Consistant movement forward ……refining, defining, yearning and learning…the artists struggle to be all they can be.

“I need to find time to work on my art.”

Work on your art?! What does that mean? I used to laugh when I heard that phrase!

Of course, that was a different Michael at a different time of his life. Young and foolish perhaps.

Don’t get me wrong though. Sure, I AM lucky that I have for the most part been able to be creative throughout my career and express myself by “painting with light”…..I mean, there are many I speak to that only WISH they had moments to be more creative at work. I’m talking however about the deliberate separation from the quest to consume, acquire, and grow only for the sake of material gain. In fact, I used to say to myself….”the moment I am doing this just for the money, its time to do something else.”


I guess that might be one of the many reasons I turned to the photographic arts as another place to express myself.

The creative creating only for the sake of the art.

It takes time…deliberate focused time…and to be OK with that.

Something my 20 or 30 something self was perhaps too young to see the value of.

So this image was buried deep in the wordpress posts as a draft. As it has been there since 2011 or so, I was going to delete it, but decided to share as it was the catalyst for the words above. 10,000 hours…Malcolm Gladwell talked about it. The time it takes to be a true master at anything.

As I look at this image (and there are quite a few things I would tweak or fix), I realize that I have not only come a long way since then, but I have a lot to learn and a long and exciting journey ahead of me….and I like that 🙂

Quick Tip Tuesday – Camera Raw’s updated spot healing brush!

So these Tuesdays or “Quick Tip Tuesdays” just seem to sneak up on me these days!

That being said, here is a quick one for ya.

Kinda lame…but on schedule 🙂

Or watch the video here!

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