The Icelandic moss that seems to be everywhere!

“I would like to spend the whole of my life traveling abroad, if I could borrow another life to spend afterwords at home” – William Hazlitt

As I look back on my nomadic experience in Iceland, one thing seems to come to mind and that’s…….when will I get back there! Being somewhat tied to the city of Reykavik, I conveniently found a few opportunities to head out on my extendable dog leash to a few spots around that area. Don’t get me wrong here, as I am SO grateful I had the chance to get there at all! Next time, however, from what I am told…the best way to see this place is to take the ring road the whole way around the island. God willing, someday, that I shall do.

A place to chill in Reykavik, Iceland

As soon as I arrived at the host hotel for the event, I wandered down to the bar in the lobby to await marching orders for the week. Since no one appeared to be partaking in the “high tea at noon” that was being offered, I took advantage of the clear space. Kind of a mix between chic Miami and Scandinavian, the hip and modern design seemed to be a great candidate for my first Icelandic HDR image.

Blue Lagoon overlook - Iceland

One of the first locations we scouted was the Blue Lagoon. Since the rest of the event guests were not arriving for 2 days, this “Welcome to Iceland” surprise from the producer of the event invited us all to the Blue Lagoon to enjoy its services. What an awesome gift! The hot geo-thermal pools of this world famous spa along with the theraputic qualities of the fine silica minerals were an incredible way to start the week.

A quick stop for water

Where there is ice, there is water…..and lots of it. During one of the first orientation treks about the area, I stopped at the first little stream I found to capture a bit of the late spring thaw.
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