The Louvre at night (and reflecting on the art of colaboration)

Collaboration…….a sharing of ideas, techniques, and vision…..all focused on a common goal. In this case, the goal is part of an artistic journey I have been on for a while. Creating what I like to refer to as art, or at the very least, my creative view of the world around me, has been a fun ride to be on over the last couple of years. HDR processing is often called a modern day form of Impressionism. Without getting into a long and drawn out history of the Impressionistic movement in Nineteen Century France , its very interesting to note the similarities between todays acceptance of modern day HDR processing techniques and the critiques view of early masters of this similar French painting technique. Artists such as Monet, Manet, Renoir, and Degas fought this and pursued their passion and dedication, while sharing their art with each other….in collaboration.

Having said all that, its is no wonder that I am looking forward to heading out to Austin this weekend to spend a little time with Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs. He has been quite a pioneer in this modern day art and has been quite an open teacher to to anyone interested in this form of expression. His workshop, the first he has every held, has purposely been kept at a very intimate size as to create a kind of synergy. When he first announced it, his servers actually crashed for about 30 minutes! I must say, I am quite honored to be part of this groundbreaking event. As did the early French artists, I look forward to collaborating with a few other modern day rebels as we pursue our craft!

Of course, his site is

More to come…

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