The magic of light

I guess its really no secret that I seem to spend a lot of my time searching for the light, or in this case, providing it. It still amazes me what a few lumens can do to a room of decor, a stage set, or in this case, a bit of fabric blowing in the wind. This really was a cool effect by the way. One of those events that started with the sun just barely setting, so the real effect wasn’t even realized until the guests had arrived and the event was well under way. Lucky for us, it worked out great!

Its been a little while since I have posted images from our events, but as the season begins its predictable slow down, I hope to dig back thru the archives of the last few months and pepper a few here and there over the next few posts.

Sometimes it gets so busy that it takes a little downtime to appreciate the opportunity that we are given to help create the spaces that we do….(good grief, was that just not the longest and worst sentence ever?!)

Anyway, you get the picture (and in this case, see it as well)….

As always, more to come and of course, for more lighting goodness, head over to Hylite for more!

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