The magic of the Iphone – Timelapse by ReelMoments

“The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.” – Author Unknown

I say that of course as the last post around here and on the ole’ blog was a whole month ago. Yikes! I had every intention of posting along my last trip in Europe, but that kinda sizzled out. I guess I needed the break. I did post quite a bit of imagery on Facebook though, but thru the Iphone. More on that in a minute though…

Currently, I find myself in Chicago, about to wrap up the final session that I am illuminating for Aegis. Its always great to get together with the gang I am working with on this show. Whenever I check into the hotel during these types of shows, I always ask for a room on a high floor…with a view. This brings mixed results at best, but I think I scored on this one. It was pretty cool to experience a couple of thunderstorms from the 29th floor this week as well. The glass buildings accross the street reflected the lightning and thunder creating a dramatic and somewhat endless display. I guess I should have videoed that actually. Hmmm, maybe tonight…

So, getting back to the Iphone….

As I mentioned, I found myself reaching for the iphone quite a bit on my last trip. It was kind of fun processing my images in the evening while at dinner…on the phone! Sure the quality is not equal to the large guns I trek around with, but since so much content is consumed on these little micro displays in todays world, its something worth looking into. All that being said, I’ve decided to make a couple of videos sharing a few of my favorite aps for photography. Like TIme-Lapse Photography? Check out what the Iphone can do!

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