The many colors of Shanghai – Chilling on the rooftop lounge at the Hyatt on the Bund

“In the next 20 years China will be building (the equivalent) of a new Shanghai each year … we have to find a way to absorb these people in a way that doesnt bring down the planet,” – Robert Watson

Not sure who this Robert Watson cat is, but I was kinda hurting for a quote about this magical place…and the pickings were a little slim.

I was a bit inspired tonight to head into the vault of images and brackets that I have from my trip to Shanghai after seeing some of the snaps on Facebook from my good friend and client Howard as he treks thru the orient on a few events. (he’s not really Treking….but it sounded good didn’t it?) And although he is no where near this place, Hong Kong and Taipei seem to have that colorful and vibrant vibe that Shanghai does. Might be time for me to trek on over myself and see first hand.

Another 2 cities on the bucket list please!

Incidently, I have decided to enter a 30 day VEDA or Vlog challange this month (A Vlog or video posted every day for the month of April….VIdeo Every Day April…) I will be sharing a few tips (as well as confirming to the world that I am indeed the biggest dork on video) over on my youtube channel here 

Make sure and subscribe to follow me and please comment and let me know how I am doing. I hope to be sharing some great content, but lets just see how this goes now…shall we!


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