The Marriott Marquis in Miami – HDR to add realism

The door had no sooner closed behind me and I was exploring my new home for the week with the Nikon. Bright lights outside and deep shadows inside…..a perfect subject for HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. This process has gotten a bad wrap over the past few years, but its kind of a misunderstanding as to exactly what the controversy is.

As the initial capture of brackets to express the high range of light that the human eye can see is essentially the HDR or High Dynamic Range process, its not the “look” that a few protest (with anger at times!) It is in fact the “tone mapping” and processing of pixels that is what hits the hot buttons of a few. I have always found it quite silly actually as it is really an art that can be taken and expressed in so many ways. But, as in all art, there will always be critiques….and sadly haters…..

I have my own style that I at times take to the extreme, but like I said, its a personal journey. I have been working a bit on a few videos that I plan to share soon about those processes. It will be a deeper dive than the occasional youtube video I share here! Like having a friend by your side to show you the ropes and share what I know and why I love the process. I’ll keep you posted here on the blog and of course in the newsletter (you are subscribed aren’t you?!)

Real Estate Photography is of course a great place to use some of these techniques. I used more of a “realistic” approach below. What a great place to stay by the way in case you find yourself in Miami! Tell them I sent you….(although, I’m quite sure that won’t really get you anything but a confused nod of the head)

btw….I couldn’t resist taking Wolf Blitzer off of the flat screen TV and applying one of my images. Recognize it? More soothing to the eyes that Mr. Blitzer don’t ya think?!

The Marriott Marquis in Miami

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