The new offices by the Tower Bridge – An afternoon in HDR along the Thames in London, England

It’s fun to take a little time to analyze your own images from time to time. My eye catches so much more now calmly working on the image in the candle light with a little Coldplay playing in the background.

At the moment of capture however, there are usually quite a few things going on. Are more tourists about to enter the frame just as I try to expose the images, have I chosen the best composition, are my camera settings optimal for the shot, am I about to get the ole’ shoulder tap from some dork security dunce, is it too early for a pint of lager… know, the usual. Well, as I look at it now (without the point of lager), I realize that the converging lines would have been much better composed as to take follow a path right up through the 3 tourists and through the Tower Bridge. Hmmm, I guess I could hop on a plane and head over for a redo! Who’s’ with me?

It’s been a little while (well, not really) that I tweaked an image this much in the HDR post process. Depending on your settings, this excessive processing can add a bit of noise into your image. I kind of like and actually welcomed the grittiness in the foreground treatment, but didn’t like the noise that was created in the sky. I took it right into Topaz to remove unwanted debris. It does an incredible job! They have quite an impressive suite of products and are really easy to work with. Check them out here!

They are gettting ready to release a whole new version within the next week, and the new updates are off the charts cool! I’ll post a little bit more on the improvements within the next couple of days, so check back 🙂

As far as that Coldplay, if you are into them, the new album is also worth a listen. Here is what kept me company tonight as I worked on this image. Enjoy 🙂

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