The reflective steps at the Lincoln Center and a chat about #HDR

So one of the hardest parts of planning a couple of nights in the Big Apple is exactly what area to stay! Downtown, the village, the meat packing district, midtown, …. so many options. Although everything is a quick taxi, uber, or subway ride away, its always nice to be able to wander right out the front door of the hotel to capture a few sites within a quick stole. And talk about close….this place was right across the street!

I decided to stay up in the upper West side this trip around as a close friend was living up in that area. The Empire Hotel seemed like a nice place with a cool vibe. It was of course a bonus that it rained one late afternoon right before the “blue” hour. And like I mentioned yesterday, out the door I went!
The wet steps at the Lincoln Center

So I have a couple from the reflective Lincoln Center steps to share. I wont go into the “situation” I had with security about the tripod use on property (man, I hate over zelllous authority sometimes), but I did grab a few brackets before the confrontation. I have a tendency to go “wide” like the shot below, but I like the shot above better. Sometimes it works a little better when you zoom in and have the imagination fill in the missing details outside the frame. I also used a more light handed processing in the above image that I created exclusively in Lightroom as opposed to the more processed HDR look with photomatix in the shot below.


So I have a few presets that you might want to try out for Photomatix if thats your thing! I think I used the Lights at Night preset for the one above (or one of those I include with the package). There are 25 presets as well as a free install video included as well. Check out whats included right here!

I didn’t really refine this one though, but shared it in its state now more as a perspective comparison. The lights are a mess, its a little too gritty, and it looks like a typical “right out of Photomatix” shot. I talk ALOT more about refining images over here.

Which perspective do you like better?


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