The Skull Lounge

The Skull Lounge, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Devils night, Halloween, Alls Hallowed Eve, …… whatever you choose to call it, its a great excuse for a party. This year was of course no exception. My friend Kevin sinks a huge amount of time, creative energy, and focus into this event, and like last year, I was happy to be a part of the magic!

Ghost pond in the Haunt

Just around the corner from the “haunt” where guests could be hears throughout the gardens schreaking from the many surprises, the ghosts danced their little ballet over the pond. Backlit smoke effects silhouetted the brick sculpture while creating a backdrop to the moody environment.

A place to chill - Devils Night at Ann Norton Scukpture Gardens

An area in the middle of the Garden was appropriately named “The Skull Lounge”. Here, the guests could chill out under the stars while listening to a bit on a mix of ambient “Ibiza Chill” tunes. Wildfire black-lights illuminated the spider web decor suspended overhead.
Main Stage
The main stage was the place to be scene as this inaugural party of the Palm Beach Season kicked in. Moving lights, fire projection effects, and dramatic red washes of color helped create the ambiance. If the neighborhood allowed, the energy of this event would have lasted till the weee hours for sure, but instead, the after hours crowd took the party over to Palm Beach!
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