The Speech

It was quite a memorable event to be a part of. As far away as I was, it was still easy to be focused on every word. Then, when there was about 10 minutes left of his speech, it hit me. I’m gonna be exiting this stadium at the same time as 70,000 other people! The best move I made was hiking up a hill to hit a shortcut on an overpass bridge. It was a main road that was shut down for the event. As I walked on this virtually traffic free bridge, i looked down onto thousands of poor folks that were crammed into a mad exodus from the stadium. As someone who hate crowds, I was in a very happy place!

And now for something completely different…..

As I post this, hurricane Ike is slamming into Texas. My thoughts and prayers go out to all along this coast, their families, and the rest of us as we are about to fork out about $ 15 a gallon for gas!

I would pay good money, however, to see Geraldo Rivera reporting during the peak of the storm surge from a 14′ Boston Wailer in the middle of Galviston Bay! Oh yeah…..he might actually do it…..

More on all of this later……

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