The sun finally make a grand appearance in Iceland

During one on my many little trips out to “chase the light” or when the lighting isn’t that great, a game of “search for anything worth capturing”, I almost wrecked the car after rounding the bend and seeing this. Now, I realize that not all about the sun…..there are all types of lighting types that you must be ready to use for a variety of subjects. Diffused, soft, harsh, direct, indirect, golden, reflective, saturated, warm, cool, muted, …… and Iceland has it all. The trick is to be happy with what you have at the moment and try to work with it. But I must say, when the God beams come out to paint the landscape for you like this, you have been blessed with a great day!

I had a few in que before this one, but as I worked on this one on my flight a few hours ago from Iceland, It somehow seemed like a fitting end for the trip. More to come over the following weeks 🙂 Thanks for viewing!

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