The Sunfest Fireworks (and a few tips on how to capture them)

I was enjoying the outdoor music and arts festival here in South Florida called Sunfest so much that I wasn’t planning on shooting the fireworks. My original plan was just to chill out and enjoy the show…..sans camera gear. Must have been that little photography bug that snuck up and bit me at the last minute, cause before I knew it, I was scampering out of the crowded Earth Wind and Fire concert crowd and rushing to my studio for my kit and tripod. Lucky I live just a block and a half from this very cool location in Downtown West Palm Beach!

I decided to explore a bit of a new location for these images. The top of a parking garage gave me the unique perspective I was looking for. I had to fight a bit of lens flare from a strangely focused work light down on the festival grounds, but I think I found a few keepers!

Incidentally, I posted a how to video on shooting fireworks earlier today. I posted it on Facebook for my local friends in case they were gonna shoot tonight. Check it out below. Let me know what you think!

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