The Thirsty Trees in Utah and then Meet the Artist – Casey Neistat

“To stimulate creativity one must develop childlike inclination for play and the childlike desire for recognition.” – Albert Einstein

I spend quite a bit of time doing just that. Sure there are a few necessary items on the “to do” list for tomorrow…..not all of which I might choose to do if given absolute freedom of choice, but for the most part , I try to stay focussed on the importance of fueling my creative soul. One of those ways is to carve out a little time every evening that I can to “play” in the digital darkroom.

The Daily Image – Reaching for Water in Utah

I love the texture of these crooked branches on the these trees that are part of the scene throughout a lot of Southern Utah. They seem so fragile and thirsty. Almost ready to completely crack apart.

I had a few images in my minds eye that I could have created with these unique caracters that seemed to perform on these open landscaped stages, and this is not one of theme. Funny how you can look at a shot while processing it and say to yourself “Why didn’t I compose this with a little more depth and awareness to levels of detail. Maybe a little more foreground? Perhaps I should have given a little more space for the old tree to act out in the space. Next time I guess 🙂

Reaching for water in Utah - version 2

So many ways to express a scene like this though. Just as I exported it from lightroom, I decided to work it just a few more minutes as the saturation seemed to be fighting the aridness of the location. I think I might like the one below better. What do you think? Click either of them to see them a little larger!

Reaching for water in Utah - version 2-2

And switching gears…

Its time to introduce another amazing artist….

Meet the Artist – Casey Neistat

I am pretty sure I linked to this guys video below a while ago. He is an amazing independent moving image creator out of New York. As a traveler myself, I loved the energy and vitality he portrayed in this trek across the globe.

Or watch the video here
His work recently came up on my radar again as I was searching for some car information the other day. His 3 part creation for the Mercedes CLA250 is pretty cool! After watching that, as is easy to do, I ventured down the rabbit hole called the internet and found a few more clips that I thought were pretty unique, like the one below. Pretty clever (and freaking funny!) way to bring a little awareness to a problem in the city 🙂

And finally, as I dug a bit deeper into the hole, I found this one. I’ve always like the “behind the scenes” look into the artists cave. Its a little longer but definitely work a peek.

Or watch the video here

 Or watch the video here

I Hope you like these little peaks into the creative workings of random artists. I tag them with “Meet the Artist” so you can always link back to them with the categories pull down tab to the right. I know that these videos might be a bit to digest in one viewing, but you can always some back later!

Have an amazing and creative week 🙂

Oh yeah….

Here are a few more places to follow and find more creations from Casey Neistat





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