The Vote

As I notice the election results coming in on CNN here in Singapore at 5AM, its nice to be reminded that I did my part a couple of weeks ago. Shortly after I snapped this self portrait while filling out my absentee ballot, I was reprimanded by the voting office worker. Just as the flash went off, she squawked out “You can’t do that in here…please turn off your camera!” Hmmmm, I can’t take a picture of myself voting….seems kind of odd….allrighty then…didn’t see any signs about that, but I’ll buy it.

Well, as I watch the coverage on CNN here half way around the globe, I have seen countless video loops of live coverage of people voting. Closeups, wide angles,……you name it. WTF!!!

Anyway, get out and vote. Its your right, your privilege, and your responsibility. And if your in Singapore on our crew and you forgot to vote…..well….your too late. Sorry guys!

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