The warm light at Park Valley Utah

Quick post tonight…

The word of the day……BACKUP!

Doesn’t matter if you have the perfect strategy, but A strategy is a must.

Presently dragging and copying a couple of folders over to a 1TB Passpost drive the can fit into a back pocket. If I had to save any images at all as I ran out the door to avoid a disaster, these would be them. Small, portable, and ready to travel. I’m sure you can think of a few gigs of images you would never want to loose right?

Of course, there is a much larger plan in place for all my images and I am working that out now. Not exactly riveting and creative information, but important none the less. Content for of course a much larger and longer post, so stand by for that.

In the meantime, what is your image backup strategy?

The Daily Image – Warm Light in the Valley

I had a few minutes to chase the light just as the crew was cut for the day. Ten to twelve hours in a cold dark ballroom lighting a corporate meeting can sometimes have one yearning (man, I NEVER use that word) for the open air. I had a vision of capturing the unique patches of aspen trees just up the mountain from the hotel we were staying at in Utah, but never found the angles of light I envisioned to paint the trees with. Rushing around….chasing the light. Silly now that I think of it. Before the sun made its final bow for the day, I finally decided to rush back to this open view of the valley I raced by just a few moments before. Sometimes you just have to slow down and let the light do its thing!

Overlooking the Valley


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