Three trucks at the dock – used to see this more often

Outside of the extremely overdone processing, this image would normally portray a fairly realistic portrait of my shop in the season. Two or three trucks at the dock on an average weekend (used to be for about half the year) usually meant were in season and kicking ass on events. To me, this capture from this year was a rarity.

This season, I can count on one hand the amount of times our loading dock had this much activity. Hard to pin in on anyone thing in particular……corporate cutbacks, over sensitive non profit groups, scared consumers, Madoff and his other selfish bastards……too many factors to name just one.

An average Friday or Saturday evening for me used to mean focusing a light or 2 just before doors, slamming lighting console buttons to the music on a cool event, popping between parties on the island just to check in with my clients and crew, and having WAY too much fun at it all! The fact that I am home this evening on a Friday night in season not only has me feeling like a fish out of water (and realizing that I need to work on my social life a bit!), but has me just a bit concerned about where all this is going and how difficult its going to be to ride out the storm. I am positive, absolutely positive, that things are going to get better. What is it going to take to get there? A better sky is up ahead, but how far up ahead. Its just so damn difficult to see it clearly now.

There has got to be a silver lining in one of those damn clouds. Let me know if you see it!

In the meantime, enjoy the colors. I know its a bit over down and looks like Walt Disney thru up all over it, but hey, I got a bit carried away 🙂

Enjoy the weekend folks!

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