Through strange colors – A Las Vegas Time-lapse through the glass of the Mandalay Bay Hotel

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”  Leonard Bernstein 

Looks like I missed last nights post again! Gonna try to get out a couple posts today to stay on track with my October project here 🙂

As you might know if you pop in here from time to time, I love playing around with time-lapse creations, video, and stop motions. In fact, I don’t think I ever shared this silly little clip below. While researching the art of stop motion in an effort to help my daughter on a school project, I decided to do one myself as a way of self teaching. Not an epic subject for a short, but is was really fun!

The Daily Image – Through Strange Colored Glass

When checking into the Mandalay Bay Resort on my last visit to Vegas, I asked for a room with a good view of the strip. This always seems to produce mixed results, but this time I think luck was on my side. The windows however, are a little tricky to shoot through. During the day, there is this sort of bizarre color shift you have to deal with not to mention the copious amounts of Vegas desert dust that coats the exterior glass. You don’t really notice it as you are in your room, but once you get close with the camera lens, its tough to deal with. Also, there is this sort of strange reflection that happens that doubles the image at certain angles not to mention the reflection of the room lights back into the lens when the sun goes down.

Look carefully in this “Mirror Image” piece I created below and you can actually see a couple of my tripods floating mysteriously in the Vegas clouds. I guess I could have worked on this image a bit more now that I think of it!

Mandalay Bay

None of that stopped me from setting up my new Emotimo pan/tilt head and Dynamic Perceptions Stage One slider to capture a few timelapses though. Im sure the maid thought I was nuts!


So each time I headed out for a class, a dinner, or a walk about the town, I set up for a new clip. There is no way I could stay in the room as the repetitive clicking of the camera shutter would have caused me to go insane! Geez, I hope it didnt bother my neighbors now that I think of it. So after capturing quite a few clips, I decided to chop them together to see if I had anything. The video below is what I came up with. I especially like the streaks of light when it gets dark as well as the parking lot paving that was taking place on the lot below.

As always, more to come!

Timelapse in Vegas – Clips from the D800 from Michael Steighner on Vimeo.


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