Till my next flight …

“Above all, I wish to see.” – Donna Goddard

So I don’t think I have ever mentioned the retinal detachment scare I went through a couple of years ago here. More to come on a future post (or maybe video) in the future, but I couldn’t help remember that time of my life when searching for quote for this image. Came REAL CLOSE to loosing the eyesight in my left eye. Still tense up when I recall the memory!

I truly am blessed that I can see 🙂

Well, that does it for these drone shots and this series. More about some of the Laanc app, drone techniques, processing, the part 107 test, and a possible future with the new toy in some posts in the not too distant future.

Hope you enjoyed these images from our waterfront here in West Palm Beach, FL for now! As always, more on ALL this later …

Lavender light over the Intracoastal
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