Time for these little guys to turn in!

Well, after a long day visiting my wonderful family’s, I was a little hesitant to even open the door to my place when I arrived home. I half expected the place to be a mess knowing the condition these little guys were in when I left. Well, quite to my surprise, the wrapping paper was cleaned up, the bows were picked up (very tiny bows I might add), the place was vacummed up, and they were tucked in and fast asleep!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and heartfelt holiday with family, loved ones, or just themselves. Its times like this that we all need to stop and count our blessings and also work together to make this a better place for our chldren.

I am sometimes quite guilty of not doing this myself. That said, I would like to link to a very moving post I read tonight after I tucked my little one in. My heart goes out to anyone in the armed forces that were not able to enjoy this simple pleasure as I did tonight. Please pray for them and read this:

A Christmas on enemy lines some time ago

Merry Christmas!

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