Time to get up already?!?!?!

And now for something completely different! Its a pretty well known fact that I am not a real morning person. You can see that from the time stamps on my blog posts and the lack of sunrise shots in my photostream. I have slammed the snooze button too many times to remember missing hundreds of sunrises.

This image was created while out of town at the Rep. Convention I was working at this summer. My local photoclub had a theme for the month of “think small”. As I was checking out the room after I arrived, I noticed my reflection in these bottle caps and thought this small subject image might work. Well, out came the tripod, camera, and cable release. After about 30 or so different exposures, I had this ridiculous picture of me. Not a very flattering shot I might add!

This months theme is “UFO”. I am totally lost for that one. Any creative ideas out there in flickr land???

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