Too proud for words – Watching the evolution of the artist

”Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.” – Steven Pressfield

Wow, I just realized that I have posted over a thousand times on this blog! Sure I have been a little vacant around here lately, but still. I can be found a little bit more frequently on Instagram and Facebook lately posting images captured and processed right on the phone. Its still art. Its all art! In fact, its amazing how creative we all are when we give ourselves the creative freedom to just play!

It’s an amazing journey when you let your passion steer the rudder of your soul!

When I first started this blog and my deep dive into the art of HDR processing, it was at a pretty crucial time in my life. I had just moved out of what used to be my home, I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to be able to navigate my sanity through a difficult, emotional, and expensive divorce, and I was looking for a place to sink my heart and creative soul all while attempting to block out the madness that was all around me. In addition to juggling that, my lighting business was kind of peaking….along with the economy, I was getting a little burnt out, and a few difficult decisions had to be made. I’m sure you can read between the lines a bit here and there in some of my earlier posts. There was always that safe place for me to turn to though, and that was my blog.

Of course, I am well aware of the fact that most successful blogs out there are offering specific niche knowledge to a target market. I guess that could be determined by what your definition of “successful” is though. For me, if I have helped even but one person out there along my way here, in any aspect of their life, then it has been a total success so far 🙂

I decided to take the above image a little deeper into my process. The sky was a little drab that evening when I was exploring the banks of Lake Tahoe. Haven only given myself a day or two around the “Burning Man” trip, I had to make the best of it. Inspired by daughters own creation you will see below, I decided to see what kind of “painting” I could do myself. Sure, its not a real painting, but the process of blending textures into an image is can feel like it. Maybe I should try taking oil to canvas someday though. Hmmm, so many ways to create….so little time!

When asked to find a few images that she could choose from to paint for a project at her school, I suggested she look at a few of mine to see if she liked any of them. She chose the one above.

And what she created is below!

I can’t even describe the feeling I had when she sent me the picture. Such an amazing feeling that this girl, who not just a few years ago, was that little girl that used to lay on the floor and color with her dad. Now she is creating incredible art all by herself….creating, sharing, and beautifully expressing her gifts with the world.

Shortly after I had received the text of her image, I created this little picframe of my photo and her painting as a comparison to share on Instagram. So cool how you can share your art with the world these days!

About those early times though, just like every moment of every day…those times fly by my friend, too fast I tell ya. Every minute spent away from the desk and with them are precious investments in your life….and of course theirs! Something I need to constantly remind myself too.

I chat a little bit more about it here on the audio cast below. As you can see, the experiment continues. The audio is getting MUCH better as you will see. And as always, see the show notes and links below for more.

Thats all for now and thanks for stopping by!

BTW, I have been doing a little VLOG experiment again this month and the link to that is below as well.



Show Notes

The Zoom H4N Digital recorder

Cliff Baise

Drew Canole from

Pocketcast app 

The Podcast Answerman


VEDA / A video every day in April

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