Top of the Primtemps – Paris, France

I must admit, I haven’t taken a photo in over 2 weeks. Well, I take that back, I took a few in Orlando. Actually, I shot a bunch in Miami for a colleague of mine. Hmm, come to think of it, I have a few from the last trip over to Tampa as well. Oh yeah, I was at the top of the Embassy Suites in Tampa last night and shot some of the skyline, thanks to the security guard. And then, I think I took a few at,……”all right, all right Mike….we got it”

Actually, what I really mean is I haven’t processed or filed any in a while. Season is starting to kick in. I am SWAMPED with proposals, invoices, designs, shop orders, conference calls, etc. Can’t complain though. This might be a little blip in the work flow this season so early, so I am going to appreciate it while it is here.

I hope to post a few next week from a really cool Halloween party we are working on, a tent party this weekend, as well as several events in Tampa in about 2 weeks. Also, this week if I remember, I want to mention a couple of books I was recently published in.

Hope all is well with all of you who happen to pop by (and everyone else to!)

Incidentally, this was taken from the top of the Printemps (I think its called that) in glorious Paris. I wandered up there after reading about it on another blog from a fellow photoblogger from Australia. What a great place to chill out after a day of running about the city of lights. I have often wondered what it would be like to live there for a couple of month out of the year. With a view like this, I might never want to come back!

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