Trafalgar Fountain – Head in the HDR cloud’s of jolly ole’ London England

The afternoon was a coin toss for me. Should I dare drag the camera and sticks all about the city? The sky’s were a bit gray (as they tend to be in London) and I wasn’t sure they were going to break open. I had to remind myself of a couple of things though. First off, with the magic of HDR capture and processing, there is usually an opportunity to pull the life out of just about any image. In fact, as in this case, a chance to literally infuse it into the image. And second? I was in London! Of course I was going to take the camera out! Silly man….

As my head was once again in the clouds, I opted for a composition that captured as much of the sky as I could (without looking TOO silly). With the wide angle lense, you get that “lean into the center of the image” kind of effect as you can see, but it doesn’t bother me to much. I worked a bit to at least get the oblisk vertical with a little trick I learned from my fellow HDR bud, Trey Ratcliff (thanks for that Trey). Beyond that, I kinda like the mystical over dramatic clouds. Like I said, head in the clouds…..always…..

In fact, check out this little video video I created from my iphone timelapse clips of just that….clouds from my balcony. Amazing what can be captured from a phone right?

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