Under a blood red sky

So sometimes in the wonderful world of digital imaging, experimentation is part of what its all about. Playing with different blend modes, diving deeper into hidden menus, pushing the envelope, ……. all part of the game. I love it when you hear instructors talk about trying to present a more accurate representation of what your eyes really saw. Everyone seems to have a different approach in what the game is all about. I tend to embrace it all. Sometime its about trying to recreate the dynamic range of what your eye captures as apposed to the limited range of the camera sensor. But, more often than not for me, its pushed a bit more. How about capturing what I would love my eyes to see or better yet, what my crazy “out in left field” mind’s eye sees. With that in mind, I share this one with you.

As promised, we are still “hanging out” in Ocala with the posts this week

Eric on break

After returning from lunch with a few minutes left on the break, Eric sneaks a few of the Central Florida rays

Lines of fence
Of course, my breaks …. at least at the beginning of the week, were spent exploring the farms looking for light. As far as I am concerned, I do any gig that has golf carts as the preferred mode of transportation.
I kept trying to get this little guy to pose for me. “Alright, looking good, fantastic,… oh that’s perfect, thats it. Look into the fan….yes yes yes, lets see that main, shake it baby….”  Hmmm, maybe it was my approach……nothing seemed to work….. LOL!
Canopy of oak

I’ve always loved these canopies of trees and this place had lots of em.
Thanks for stopping by……more to come!
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