Up in the Alps and a Quick Tip Tuesday

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose


Still amazes me what can be done with one light. A nice source, a few clouds to soften the light,  a great subject….

I am humbled.

This would have taken me a few trucks full of lighting gear, a crew of hundreds, and a million dollar budget to create this!

Much easier to capture the show from the seats in this case…..

Just a few steps off of the train station, the highest train station in the region, near the Matterhorn in Switzerland, was the stage for the show. Sure the air was this, but what an amazing seat to enjoy it from!

What a gift…….

Up in the Alps Adding a few variations of light in the image has always been a “trick of the trade”…..going way back to the film days. (thats not too long ago by the way kids!)

I used a few subtle tools and techniques in Lightroom 5 for this image, but there are of course many ways to get the same effect. One of those is the dodge and burn tool in Photoshop.

Oh, just so happens, I have a quick tip video for tonight about just that!

(Lame attempt to tie the image to the video….I know)

Well anyway, enjoy 🙂

Quick Tip Tuesday – An intro to the Dodge and Burn Tool


Or watch the video here!

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