Up well before the sun and another Meet the Artist update!

I had the intention of staying up to date with my posts over the past couple of weeks, I really did!

Taking some time off can sometimes get in the way though 🙂

Not to worry, lots of images to share soon!

Having just returned from a quick trip to France (I posted a few updates on my IG feed right here), the time change had me awaking WELL before sunrise. On days like this, that is obviously a good thing 🙂

Nice to roll out of bed and enjoy the morning show in the South Florida sky right from the balcony….

Welcome Home Sunrise

I snapped this one as a quick capture to simply check exposure before setting up the D800 into “time-lapse” capture mode. I’ll share that soon!

Whilst it clicked away, I shut the door, turned on the coffee pot, and took a quick scroll thru the feeds to see what I missed.

My little clip that was being captured at the time seemed quite sad to a piece of art that I came across….

Meet the Artist – Rob Whitworth

WOW….this guy takes time-lapse (actually HYPER-lapse) to a whole new level.

I was particularly amazed at the audio edit on this one as well.

Not to mention, how did he get tripod approval in all those spaces!?

I can’t event imagine the time it took to not only capture all of this, but to chop it all together into such an engaging piece!

Definitely worth a watch!


Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

A few other places to enjoy more of Rob’s art!






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