Update from the arena floor

You know, I’ve been working in this industry for years and some things still amaze me. Watching this rig come down and load out was like watching a ballet. (Well, thats pushing it actually, but it was smooth!) Only with the help of my incredible crew of Chris, Sara, and Dallas could I have pulled this one off. Ten vendors, six semis, 6 straight trucks, a few vans, 50 stage hands, and about 24 lead techs and we are almost outta here. I have been hanging out a bit as I am attempting to time-lapse this “Dance” of sorts.

So for the record, it went like this:

7:00 PM Crew call for strike

7:50 PM Actual available start time for crew (show ran late, as predicted)

9:30 PM Under the deck and top of deck was cleared for stage to roll out
10:45 PM The screen truss and cable bridge were the only things in the air (I am pretty sure)
11:00 PM Crew break
11:30 PM Crew back on / screen truss came in
12:15 PM 1st lighting truck was being loaded / points were out of the air
12:45 PM As I type this right now, it looks like we have a few cases in the venue
I am guessing a total finish by 1:30AM / 2AM at the latest

So, also for the record, here are my thoughts:

1. The show is essentially a one off, so there is no way it can load out like a concert in say 3 hours.
2. The truck loading situation here is just a mess. If there were docks, we could possibly trim back an hour for sure
3. The call time for the out should start at 1 hour after the scheduled close of the event. This would allow for some time when it goes longer while giving the crew a quick break and would also allow scenic to get a jump start on getting off the stage.
4. And one more thing, the what the hell am I still doing here?!?!?! I gotta get outta this place!

Thats all for now. Look for more images and a really quick show wrap up on Sunday as well as a possible time-lapse!

2:30AM update – hold the press! (Geez, that was stupid!)
I ended up staying thru the strike to help get the last of the cases outta the venue and to coordinate the local hands (who were awesome this year!) as the cases bottlenecked at the top of the ramp…..as they do every year! What a stupid ass design for a colosseum load-in! Anyway, the truck doors were closed at 1:45AM….not too bad at all. Thanks again guys (and girl)…you all ROCKED this week 🙂
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