Vlogging about a business idea during a morning walk in Trento, Italy

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey” – Gabs Hoffman

So I am about halfway through releasing my videos from a recent trip to Europe. I may have mentioned it here before? Anyway, I try to drop a new video every Sunday that is more of a “Travel Vlog” style. The day usually starts out with a vague mission or story idea that develops as the day unfolds. Today is the 6th in the series (or something like that)…

The location for this week was the last morning whilst in Trento for a travel industry conference that I was attending called Traverse Events. I chat about it a little bit in the video and a couple past ones. Eye opening for me and a chance to meet a few creatives in this exciting industry space!

As I mentioned in the video, I didn’t take the time to really capture any stills during the day and whilst story telling and taking care of a few errands, but I did have a few from a “blue hour” trip out into the town the night before. Funny, I really didn’t notice the graffiti when I was exploring this beautiful city. Honestly, didn’t even notice it at all till I started editing! Seduced by the beauty of Italy I guess 🙂

The town of Trento, as many of these European towns, has a central square in which everything seems to emanate from. The check in area to this conference was just off to the right side of the frame. It was also the central hub for all things social, had one of the casual breakout meeting spaces, and also a great place to finish out the evenings walk. Trento is magical both during the day and as the evening light paints its warm glow onto the architecture. A great place to just wander and absorb. Hope the conference is somewhere cool next year as well!

I chat a bit (yes, its a bit long winded, but thats me sometimes), in the video below. Its actually the first time I sliced a video in half for a part one and part two. More that 30 minutes seemed a bit long to watch, even for me! There are a few good ideas in it though and more of a stream of consciousness for me for a project that I might pursue. Might not, but time will tell. And yes, there is a little humor injected as well (at least I think so).

Enjoy 🙂

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