Waiting on a train in the South of France

Seems like my posts run the gammat from where is Mike today to “Family Guy flashback meets Episode of Lost.”

(Good Lord, what did that even mean?)


My long days here on headset at the conference I am lighting has me spending a bit of time processing a few images and catching up on some real estate investment online classes. I know, a strange mix I am indeed. Very strange…. By the way, the producer thinks I am working on his show on the Mac Book so it’s our little secret…..shhhhh….

As far as the image, while exploring a bit of the South of France in the summer, after a nice dinner, I was lucky to catch the very last train heading back to my village. I was also lucky to catch this almost deserted station with my Nikon and sticks. I could spend a lifetime photographing the train stations of Europe. Hey, there’s another one for the bucket list!

And as far as the Family Guy, check out this hilarious video clip!

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