Wandering through a cathedral in Galway, Ireland

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Seems like clockwork…. About this time of year I start to get a little restless…..wondering what the next trip (or 10) will be. So many places to see, and the bucket list is full of them!

I just love these European Cathedrals. I was quite lucky to catch this one on a rather slow tourist day. Rain seems to do that to a crowd sometimes. Not to us photogs though. Lots to explore, especially in the rain.

It might sound a bit silly to say that I stumbled into it, but that was in fact the case. Sometimes the map is best left in the backpack as the creative mind guides you through a foreign city. This one was called Galwick. A funky kinda college town on the West side of the Island (I think it was)…you can google it…that ended up being a cool place to chill out for a couple of days after half destroying the rental car on those crazy Irish roads. Yeah…that was an experience!

A great subject for HDR photography, as most of these cathedrals are, full of rich detail, color, and light. Score! And nobody waving the ever present finger at me while I quietly (and discretely of course) explored the interior of this masterpiece with my camera and tripod. Double score! BTW…Here is the link to their site if you happen to get there!




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