Wanderlust in the La-Cote dAzure – South of France

Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

My dad had a saying I always liked to hear…..”Work hard, play hard”. Of course, he died at 60, but thats another story altogether! The trick is of course to have a bit of balance. I have always had a passion for what I do, and my success has allowed me to enjoy another passion in my down time….and thats enjoying a bit of wanderlust. Work hard…..play hard (not too hard, 60 is kinda young!)

Those who do not understand this drive might choose to label one as a work-a-holic…..and that’s fine if they must. Its kinda sad how we seem to have to label everyone we don’t really understand actually. Those that are in the club however have a completely different outlook. As mentioned in this video, they refer to the word “work-a- frolic”. I like that! For my fellow members of this club, I am sure you will relate to this TED video below that someone sent to me today. Enjoy 🙂

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