Welcome to the Lighting Lounge

I spend the majority of my time on this show out at the lighting console out at front of house. After load-in and focus is completed, there is not a lot to do for my crew. The first 2 days are the most difficult, then they get to kick back a bit until strike. Up until this year, they used to have a little bit of a challenge figuring out where to hang out. I was kinda wondering where they were the other day. As I passed by the stage after lunch on my way back to the console, I noticed a soft warm light glowing from underneath the stage. I pulled back the drape and whalla! The lighting lounge!

Not really sure what the Hannah Montana poster is all about…….Eric
Sarah says, “Hey, how about a puzzle?”
Notice the plush carpet they placed down there. Hey wait, I don’t have any carpet out here!

The hammock is actually very symbolic of the week up here. Peaks
for the load-in and load-out with a nice a nice low valley between. I think Sarah is gonna miss dozing of with visions of the cute puppy’s.

Looks like Chris has decided to kick in and help finish the puzzle before strike. No wonder we needed 2 trucks. Look at all this stuff!

By the way, I have spent way too much time trying to get this layout to work. I know what I want, I just can’t get it. The window I type all this garbage into looks one way, the preview tab, when you click it, creates a completely different view. Lastly, the actual post ends up looking like something completely different! Not sure why its not a WYSIWYG interface. What a piece of garbage! I gotta use wordpress soon cause this is crap!

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