Welcome to the new site! – and a bit about an art show tomorrow

Well, after a few untrackable hours of fiddling with themes, code, and ftp nonsense, I present my new online home. As with all blogs, I am sure that this is going to be an evolution, but I look forward to the journey. There are a few things I want to tweak out a bit and fix, but I could go on forever and never actually put it up live…..so here goes.

So why have I painstakingly upgraded to wordpress? Well, for one, I was looking to be able to post larger images. The limitations of googles blogger template has always frustrated me. Its a shame to take the time to create images in HDR with extreme detail only to showcase them in such a limiting space. There is also an incredible amount of flexibility within the wordpress platform (not to mention the fact that it is a little more search engine friendly). This site is by no means “finished” so look for more changes and additions over the next few weeks.

A special thanks for RC Concepcion with Kelby Training for his rocking tutorials over at Kelby Training. His wordpress for photographers should be the bible for all photographers, image creators, and artists looking to create their site on the web. From getting a domain, to hosting, to ftp management setup, to wordpress install, to posting….he covers it all like a pro! If you are interested, you HAVE to check out his tutorials at Kelby Training.

So, since I am still ringing out the kinks here, I would love a little feedback if you can. Either on the comments or via email would be great. Since there are a million different monitor sizes and configurations out there, it would be nice to see how this loads on different systems. If it loads painstakingly slow, if it looks a mess, if the images are too large, if ya hate it, if ya need a little cash (wait, strike that last one), please let me know. I humbly thank you in advance!

As far at the images, I am proud to announce their inclusion an art show that opens tomorrow. Located at West Palm Beach, the new Palm Beach Photographic Institute has selected these 3 images of mine for the Infocus Exhibition that opens up tomorrow evening. All are welcome to tomorrows opening event that lasts from 5:30PM till 7:30PM. After that, the show will be up for a couple of months. If your arround, check it out!

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  • Captain Kimo - July 10, 2010 - 4:57 pm

    Mike, excellent site redesign! I’m glad to see you’re finally hosting your own blog. Congrats on getting your photos into the show. Looking forward to checking them out when I get back.ReplyCancel

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