When its raining in Boston, grab the tripod and venture out!

As the rain started to let up a bit, I had my eye on this location from my room on the 20th floor. The slight architectural overhang was just what the doctor ordered to keep water off the camera lense for this series of long exposures. I was dying to check out the interior, but from what I could tell…..or what was apparent from a brochure, you had to be on a structured tour and only at certain times. Sorry, not for me…next….

In other news, I hope to post a few from our trip up to Ocala this week and a few from the event. I might spread it out over the week as I have some pretty nice ones…..horses, infrareds, cool lighting, waterfalls…..quite a smorgasbord….so stay tuned ……and have a great week!

( I like using those strings of dots, can’t ya tell! ………. )

For a better view

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