Wrapping up the day

Wrapping up the day, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

So these were taken a few weeks ago, when the South Florida sky seemed to have a little bit of character. There for a few days, we were truly blessed with the artistic brush strokes of mother nature. These days lately….well, not so much.

I must admit, the weather lately has gotten me in a bit of a creative rut here. I think its about time for a total change of scenery. More on that in a couple of days!

For now, I think its about time to start purging out a few images here on the blog. My normal approach has lately been to post one a day as I think that each one that gets to the “blog worthy” file should gets its day in the limelight. I know, maybe a bit lame to think that way perhaps. Well, the files a little larger than it should be and I think that its kind of giving me a safety net to fall back into, thus allowing me to slack a bit in creative exploration department. So, here we go…..let the purging begin…

I took a little walk amongst the wreckage that used to be Flagler Drive today. A plan is in place to create a more friendly waterside experience for us here in West Palm Beach……a plan that this blogger and citizen supports. Not sure however if they are on schedule, but this evening, it appeared that progress is certainly being made. A target date for completion is apparently around the end of the year, just in time for a New Years Party!

Fisheye view of the new docks

West Palm Beach Skyline - starting to take shape!
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